Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Testing new Merino

Lately I have been widening my search for the perfect sock yarn, and am testing three new superwash merino yarns. Some of my regular customers have volunteered to serve on this Yarn Review Board, and have sent excellent comments to help me make the decision.
The reviewers' comments are fascinating, and it turns out that the way we each define the perfect sock yarn is slightly different, yet has some basic similarities such as weight, roundness of yarn, and whether it splits when knit.
Look for a summer announcement of a new line of superwash merino. Once the votes are in, my business will import enough for all of us. One of the qualities of the perfect sock yarn for me is availability year round!
Comments are always welcome.


Dave Daniels said...

Sheila, I am still working on my samples and will have a report for you shortly.
My favorite item is your superwash merino roving, I can't stop spinning it.

Roxanne said...

Same here on the "testing" for you...I have initial reactions but need to put some dye on too... :)

Laura said...

The extra sample you sent arrived today! I will hopefully dye it up tomorrow. Will let you know once its dyed and I've had a chance to knit a little bit of it.


Shelby said...

I cant' wait to see what you come up with!!

foodandknitgirl said...

I posted a picture of the yarn you sent me!! I dyed it. Two were dyed the same and some of my favorite color's. They are all great!