Monday, November 09, 2009

Incoming ...

... stock, again. We had a couple of delayed orders in the fall, and now two re-stockings which are arriving quickly one after the other. But, sadly, we will be on a Superwash Diet until right around Winter Solstice, so this will have to last us for six or seven weeks.

We will post these yarns on the website today at noon, Virginia time. (Today, being Monday, November 9, 2009)
Here's what is coming in tomorrow ...
Angel Lace (skeins)
Butterfly Lace (skeins)
Cash Sock (skeins & cones)
Sheila's Sock (skeins & cones)
Silk Sock 50/50 (skeins) *
Ultra Merino 3Ply (skeins & cones)
W2D4 Merino DK-SW (skeins & cones)

* Silk Sock 50/50 is new. A 4-Ply yarn similar in twist and weight to Bamboo Two-Step, sort of in that grey area between fingering and sport weight. Technically, it's a sport, but because of fiber and twist, it acts like a fingering. Silk goes especially nicely with our springy superwash merino. But, of course!

Trial Yarn: Our new Yarn Review Board is going to take a close look at a new superwash 2Ply Aran weight (992 ypp) this month. If you know the great twist of Sheila's Sock, you will recognize it in Sheila's Aran. Stay tuned for results, reactions, raves, and ramifications. Mmm?