Friday, November 26, 2010

Uptown Stitches Sale Starts Today!

Uptown Stitches is my secondary website. I had a brilliant idea that I needed a place to sell the dyed yarns of some of my handdyers, and so I created Uptown Stitches. To drive people to the site, I took on some wellknown brands such as Mini Mochi, Elsbeth Lavold, Kraemer Yarns, Ellie Rae, Mirasol and some of the works of a few handdyers like Handwerks, Knit Witch, Lazy Perry Ranch, Yummy Yarn, Gypsy Knits, Xtreme Spinning, Zen Yarn Garden and a few others.

But it did not take off. My brilliant idea got lost in the magnitude of the internet, and so I have made the business decision to close it down. I think that for such a site to work today, you'd almost have to carry everybody. The sites which are successful have a huge line of dyers or commercial yarn companies on their line up. I just did not want to divert funds from Wool2Dye4, and so have come to the decision to close Uptown Stitches. All ideas are not really brilliant, I suppose.

So, that said, here is the announcement:

50% off all yarns and spinning fibers at!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Stocking 2DYE4 by Barb Brown, Wild Geese Fibre

©Barb Brown Nov 18, 2010
Gauge: approx. 5 st. and 7 rows per inch (gauge is not critical)
s1wyib –slip one with yarn in back of work

Using long tail cast on, and CC1 cast on 60
Knit 1 row with CC1.
Using MC, join in round, being careful not to twist sts.

Round 1: With MC *K5, s1wyib* rep. bet ** around
Round 2: With MC *p5, s1wyib* rep. bet ** around . (to s1wyib bring yarn bet. needles to back of work, sl1, bring yarn back bet. needles to front of work)

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 twice more (total of 3 repeats) then work round 1 one more time.

Knit 1 round with MC.
Knit 1 round with CC, dec. 4 sts. around to 56 sts.
With CC, work 1 inch of k2, p2 ribbing
Knit 1 round with MC.
Work Graph One , repeating sts. 1 to 28 twice around (st. 29 is worked only after dividing for heel flap)

Continue in pattern until work measures 12 inches or desired length from top of stocking.
Divide for heel:
Break yarn
Place first 29 sts. on hold for instep.
Work heel flap on remaining 27 sts., inc. 1 st. on first row to 28 sts.
(right side facing- CC )
Row 1: s1, knit across
Row 2: s1, purl across
Repeat these 2 rows 8 more times (total of 18 rows)

Turn heel:
Row 1: k18, ssk, k1 turn
Row 2: s1, p9, p2tog, p1, turn
Row 3: s1, k10, ssk, k1, turn
Continue until all sts. have been worked. 18 sts. remain.
Break yarn.

With MC pickup10 sts. down the heel flap, knit across heel sts inc. 1 st., pickup 10 sts. up heel flap. Join in CC, work 29 sts. Graph One on instep. (68 sts. now in round – 29 instep, 39 sole)
Place markers 5 sts. in from each end of sole to mark gusset sts. Slip markers when working.

Round 1: *k1 CC, k1 MC* across, ending k1 CC, work instep sts. maintaining continuity of graph
Round 2: ssk with CC, work CC and MC across sole sts. maintaining stripes to last 2 sts., k2tog. with CC sts. work instep sts. maintaining continuity of graph

Repeat round 1 and 2 until 58 sts. remain in round. (All sts. in gusset within markers dec.)
Work round 2 until sock is 2 inches less than desired final length.
Knit around with CC
Shape toe:

Round 1: With MC, *k1, s1* across sole ending k1. Repeat across instep.

Round 2: with CC, k1, ssk, knit across sole to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
Repeat across instep

Round 3: with MC, k1, *k1, s1* across sole ending k2. Repeat across instep

Round 4: as round 2

Repeat rounds 1 through 4, keeping stripe as established on round 1, until there are 26 sts. in the round
Graft with CC. Sew in ends, wash and block.
LOOP FOR HANGING: Cast on 40 sts. Knit 1 row. Cast off. Attach to back of stocking.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Incoming! Mid-November 2010

Good news of a restocking due to arrive around the 16th to 18th of November. Here is what is coming in...

  • Angel Lace skeins
  • Angel Select skeins
  • Bamboo TwoStep skeins and cones
  • Butterfly Lace skeins
  • Cash Aran MCN cones
  • Cash DK MCN skeins
  • Cash Sock MCN skeins and cones
  • Crazy Eight skeinsPlatinum Sock skeins
  • Sheila's Aran skeins and cones
  • Sheila's Gold skeins
  • Sheila's Sock skeins and cones
  • Silk Sock 50/50 skeins
  • Surino skeins
  • Tweed Aran skeins
  • W2D4 Merino DK-SW skeins and cones
  • W2D4 Merino Worsted skeins and cones
  • W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW skeins and cones

When we get news that the shipment is about to pass through Customs, we will send out the newsletters to all registered customers. Also, that is when we will send private eMails to customers who have asked us to reserve some of these incoming yarns.

Exciting times! I just love it when the shipments arrive. We have just had more shelves delivered and moved everything around in the shop. That's fun, too because it makes you notice the stock levels even more.