Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Podcast Interview of My Customer, PigeonRoofStudios

One of my regular customers, Krista of PigeonRoofStudios, was interviewed by the StashandBurn podcast folks. She gave Wool2Dye4 such a nice plug (around minute 28 ... of Episode 22 ...) that I had to include the link:

It is so very much fun for me to hear my customers' voices, see them on TV, or to read about them in the interviews and shows in the media. Little by little people begin to tell me things about their personal lives and how it affects their art. I hear who just had an operation, who recently lost her mother, who moved into a better lighted space, who is pregnant, who overcame their fear of starting a business, who spoke at a big show ... on and on. It always surprises me to realize that my customers represent all ranges of the fiber arts world. AND I have to say that we are a pretty mellow and understanding group of folks.

Thank you, Krista, for the plug! Now, here's one for you:
This is a link to PigeonRoof Studios Etsy store:

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