Saturday, January 05, 2008

Launch of a New Website

On Monday, January 7th, we expect to launch the new website for Wool2Dye4. The address will be the same .. .. but the look will be different. The new format is what is known as a true eCommerce site, which means that, as a seller, I can post yarns more easily and in different categories with ease, and can change prices/pictures/descriptions without asking my webdesigner to do it. All of this will be handled in house after the launch. For customers, the new format will allow you to find the yarns through more search choices, but the biggest advantage is that payment may be made through credit cards in addition to PayPal. We will accept Visa and MasterCard when this site is launched.

I have written about a new site for months, I know! Now, we are just days away from the real thing, and it is exciting around here. We have been trying to test out every possible scenario through the shopping and buying processes, and I am sure that we will miss some and that there will be little glitches, but please help me fix them. If you come across a glitch, let me know! So many customers have written encouraging notes about the process of upgrading a website, and I do appreciate every single person's input. My goal is truly to present my yarns in the most logical and attractive format that I can, so if you see room for improvement, drop me a line. Exciting stuff going on here at Wool2Dye4!
Watch for new yarns and spinning fibers!

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designsbymichelle said...

hi, I've just visited your new site. it looks good, however I have just a couple sugguestions. I've noticed that you carry roving, but not spindles. I'd like to sugguest possibly carrying spindles so that new spinners can get their roving and spindle from the same place.

one more note, there are a few items that do not list the weight or yardage on them. I find it important information for me. I don't know if something is a decent price if I don't know how much I'm getting for my money.

other than that I love your site. keep it up!