Friday, February 22, 2008

W2D4 Line grows ...

Monday we'll be adding five new yarns to our exclusive line of W2D4 yarns. They are merino yarns which will round out our base yarn category except for one spot (worsted superwash), but that will be filled in late spring. The new additions are Lace Weight, Sport, Superwash DK, Worsted, and Bulky.

They are put up on skeins for retail customers and on kilo cones for wholesale customers. We have actually pre-sold more than half of the Lace Weight kilo cones, and quite a few of the Superwash DK, so I had to reorder them even before this first batch arrived. Exciting times! It will take a while until I understand the demand of the new yarns, and I will try to keep good stock on hand while they get introduced around.

For the past couple of weeks we have had several new inquiries from customers on the Ravelry discussion boards. Seems like there my have been a few nice words said about Wool2Dye4, and people began to check out the website. I do appreciate it when customers spread the word.

Help me spread the word now about these new base yarns. They are very nice, good merino with bounce and spring to the fiber, and well priced.


RoxanneZYG said...

Yay Sheila! Here's the link to the thread on Ravelry! You rock!

Katie said...

I love the new merino yarns. The sample you send are wonderful. Now if I could only clear up some funds.