Friday, July 25, 2008

ReName That Yarn! ... contest

I have been contacted by the nice folks at Cherry Tree Hill yarns, and they have asked me to rename my signature yarn, known as Wool2Dye4 SuperSock. They've had their own Super Sock since 1998, and have worked hard to establish that as a unique name. Actually, when I named my own yarn, I did an internet search on SuperSock and not a thing came up! Not even the two word variety!

So, we are doing the right thing and will be renaming the yarn. What is interesting is that a couple of my customers called them asking if they could get a better price on Wool2Dye4 SuperSock! They had to be retail customers, because this name is not used for that yarn when it is sold to wholesale customers. I am guessing that people were 'price shopping' and that's what led to this situation.

Trouble is that it is so very popular and I need to come up with a very good name. One which will send the message that this is my flagship / signature yarn. Until I find a new name, the yarn will be known temporarily as 'Wool2Dye4 Sock.' simple and to the point.

Help me rename this yarn. There is a prize of $100 of W2D4 yarn of your choice from stock for the winner. I will choose the winner and if no name is chosen from those entered in the contest, the best second choice will win $50 free wool. You may enter more than once!

Here are the guildelines for Rename That Yarn contest ... Name must ...

--Be submitted by eMail to
--Associate the yarn with my company or company image
--Be memorable and unique
--Reflect popularity of the yarn (it is my best-selling yarn)
--Be submitted by eMail to (oh? Did I say that?) In other words, don't post the name here on the blog!

Deadline for entry: August 10, 2008

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