Sunday, September 14, 2008

How I spent my Saturday

For the past month, a group of knitters I know have been working on six-inch squares, hoping to have enough to put together in a lap quilt. This group effort was designed for the group coordinator, a woman of 42 years who recently suffered a major stroke, and we wanted to go something for her. What better than to knit for her?

So, most of our small group, began to knit 6 inch squares. Now, I will tell you that we have a group of mixed skill levels and some learned to increase and decrease on these squares for the very first time. Some felt it was too hard, so a few of us had to take up the slack. Forseeing this possiblity, my friend, Vickie (pictured far right) and I (in the middle) each knit 16 squares.

The results are lovely. As a group, we each realized that this project was a defining moment in our existance, and I am sure that we are stronger for this effort. Mixed yarn fibers, mixed skill levels, and ... yes ... mixed interpretations of how much six inches really is ... it all came together beautifully. I can just imagine our friend touching the knitted quilt and looking at the squares, and hope it gives her one tenth the pleasure that it gave us to put it together.

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