Friday, September 03, 2010

Fall Re-Stockings

The best laid plans of mice and men all go awry, don't they. In the past few weeks we have been juggling the schedules of five incoming re-stocking shipments, due between now and the end of October. Very exciting stuff, as we have been slowing selling out of many yarns and were eyeing the calendar nervously.

Today, though, the good news came that a two ton shipment has started the journey to the studio. This is actually Shipment #2, and Shipment #1 somehow got switched out of position. All the folks I have notified about yarns in the first shipment will be disappointed by one week, but it is still pretty good darned news that the bigger shipment is arriving first to be followed, in two weeks, by a bigger and bigger shipment. Ahhhh! Lovely, lovely yarn! These are the most exciting days of Wool2Dye4, when the incoming shipments are just about here. The letters and eMails are flying. This translates to lists and notes on my computer and now taped to a false wall I had built behind me so that I can jump up and make old-fashioned hand written notes to myself. People ask me all the time how I keep up with all the individual requests and the answer is that I have electronic as well as hand written notes, and sometimes we do make a mistake. But we don't want to talk about that here!

Below is the list in incoming yarns coming probably around September 8th or 9th. There is one new yarn on the list: Dove Sock, something that we are trying out and may only offer this once, depending on the reception. At the most, it will be added to Wool2Dye4's permanent lineup, and at the least, it will be around for this one period only. Those who pick it up will have a wonderful alpaca/silk yarn for holiday knitting! Lovely and soft in sock weight, with around 410 yards per 100 gram skein.

Also returning to the lineup is Tencel/Merino, which some people call 'the poor man's silk!' It has a limited crowd of admirers, but very devoted they are.

I am going to organize the list by weight.

  • Sock Yarns
    Platinum Sock skeins & cones
    Sheila's Sock skeins & cones
    Cash Sock skeins & cones
    Sheila's Gold skeins
    Angel Delight Fingering skeins
    Silk Sock 50/50 skeins (limited quantity. Please eMail me to reserve)
    Dove Sock skeins *
    *new this fall, Dove Sock is 80/20 blend of baby alpaca/silk. 50 kilos coming only.

    Cash DK MCN skeins & cones
    Silk DK 50/50 skeins & cones
    W2D4 Merino DK-SW skeins & cones
    Tencel/Merino skeins (returns after a vacation... welcome back!)
    Ultra Merino 3Ply skeins
    Crazy Eight skeins
    W2D4 Merino Worsted skeins & cones

    Aran & Bulky
    Sheila's Aran skeins

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