Friday, September 16, 2011

New Spam

There is a new form of spam hitting my mailbox lately, and it hits right where it is the scariest, my bank account.  This one looks absolutely legit with a message that a recent ACH (automatic clearing house) transaction was denied on my business account.  Scary because this is how I pay and receive payment in my business checking account.

The first time I received the message I forwarded it to my bank, who had not yet seen this type of spam before so we were both thinking something was wrong with my account.  They searched for like transaction numbers and dates and amounts and found nothing, and came back to me with the spam diagnosis.  I deleted the eMail, after first forwarding it to the government agency which purportedly overlooks the spam industry.

Then, for a while, I didn't get a single spam message at all, until this week when the same ACH failure notice has come daily.  Today my security program scanned it and alerted me that this eMail has a Downloader function attached to it.

So, here is my message, loud and clear:  if you use ACH services and receive an eMail like this, do not open it.  Forward the eMail to your bank manager or service rep and tell them to look out for other spam messages like this.  Then forward the eMail to:

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