Friday, October 06, 2006

BFL UntraSock ... soon to be a reality

At last I have decided on the makeup of the BFL UltraSock, and expect to have it in stock within 8 weeks. My supplier / manufacturer / spinner in England is a delightful business companion. He even called me a few weeks ago when we were working out figures and facts such as the number of twists per inch and micron count. What fun for each of us to hear the other's accent!

The new BFL UltraSock will be a three-ply yarn in superwash Blue Faced Leicester. The feel is very similar to Wool2Dye4 SuperSock, but with a bit less twist,which is to say that it does not curl naturally upon itself as the Wool2Dye4 SuperSock does. (The curl is not a bad thing in that yarn, but a signal that the resulting fabric will be quite firm and strong.)

Three immediately apparent qualities of the Blue Faced Leicester UltraSock are the natural ecru color, a slightly golden tone, and the bloom of the fibers when subjected to the dye process. The third unique quality is the slight luster of the fibers which is also apparent when the fibers are dyed. It is truly a beautiful and soft yarn.

It will be available in 8 oz skeins and one-pound cones in approximately eight weeks. The development of this new yarn is a very special undertaking for me because I have exclusive distribution rights in the United States. It did take a while to come up with the right yarn, but the results are just right. I expect this yarn to set the standard for hand-dyers.

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