Monday, October 23, 2006

More about BFL UltraSock

We are expecting the arrival of the new BFL UltraSock around mid-November. For some time I've been talking and writing about my search for a great sock yarn, and this is it. The spinners in England are preparing this yarn exclusively for Wool2Dye4. Here are the particulars:

BFL UltraSock is a superwash yarn in fingering weight with 1,900 yards per pound. It is put up in 8 oz skeins and one-pound cones. (Actually, the weights are quarter-kilo and half-kilo, but I'm not going to fight the metric war! This means that you get a little extra yardage.) It is unscoured and spun into a nice, round 3-ply yarn. It is a firm yarn, so if you enjoy cable work or lacy detail in this weight, you will like the round presentation. You can get 5 skeins of 375 yards from each pound, enough to knit 5 pairs of socks.

Blue Faced Leicester has a long fiber staple and yarns spun from this fiber are particularly strong. One of the most notable characteristics,though, is a subtle luster in the appearance of this yarn in it's natural undyed state as well as once it is dyed. It takes color beautifully, too. Blue Faced Leicester has been designated by the British Wool Trade Board as a rare breed, making it a very exciting yarn for me to present in my lineup.

  • Pricing will be:
  • $23.20 per 8 oz skein
  • $ 46.40 per one-pound cone

This is 20% off the suggested retail price of $58 per pound.

For several years we have all been reading about and hearing about the special softness of Merino. What you'll find with Blue Faced Leicester is a yarn which may be even softer and stronger than merino, and with the luster that is its trademark.

I am excited to present this yarn to my customers. Help me get the word out, please!

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