Friday, March 09, 2007

BFL Ultra! now in one-pound skeins

A new shipment of BFL Ultra! arrived today. Unfortunately, the new mill wound our skeins into one-pound skeins, instead of the usual 8 oz skein. We'll just have to try out the one-pound skein of this great yarn until the next regular shipment of 8 oz skeins comes in.

One pound of this yarn has 1900 yards. It is a 3-ply superwash in the 'poor man's cashmere' yarn, Blue Faced Leicester, nice and round and blooms just a little when dyed/steamed/washed.

The 8-oz skeins will be back in stock around April 15th. Until then, we have this yarn in one-pound skeins and one-pound-plus cones.

$46.40 per pound.

When filling orders after the new shipment, I wrote a note of apology to a customer about the larger skein. She responded immediately, 'I love the larger skeins!' I am sorry if this is inconvenient for anyone, and promise you that my exporter and I are working to get new 8-oz skeins back into regular stock.

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