Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Let's Organize a Write-In Campaign to HGTV: Bring back Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads to the Morning Schedule!

OK, Knitters and crafters out there! Let's show the power of the needle or the power of the computer ... you pick! I invite everyone who reads this blog to write to HGTV and ask them to put the only knitting show on their lineup back into the mid-morning schedule, Knitty Gritty and the other show that features all sorts of needle arts, Uncommon Threads. These two great shows are now hidden in the 7 a.m. slot and have been replaced with yet another real estate program.

The world and HGTV do not need another program about remodelling/ selling/buying/lusting after houses. What the world needs is more knitting! These two shows are the only national shows that reflect our art, and they are being shunted to the early morning hours, and away from the prime morning spot they had enjoyed. I am sure this was a marketing move. Let's face it: houses cost more than yarn, though some of us could probably vie for the budget of a small house, at leaset! This seems to be another example of the artsy side of life being pushed aside to make room for the main stream to expand. Please, please join me and send a tastefully worded request to bring these shows back to more reasonable hours.

I ask you to do two things:

1. Send an email to the programming department of HGTV. Here is the link to the email comment page on HGTV's website:


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Customer Services link to email the programming department. This link is printed in brown and is underlined. It is hidden --- hmmm, what does this suggest? -- in the very last paragraph titled "You Still Didn't Answer My Question."

2. Contact the major bloggers and spread the message. Let's see how many people we can get to join us in this email campaing and our efforts to save the fiber arts programming.

I recall reading a well-read, well-written blog by a Canadian fiber artist about a situation within the knitting field where the everyday marketplace was shocked into recognition of the buying power of the knitting marketplace. There were literally hundreds of responses. Many people clamored to get the contact name of one of the parties involved, exclaiming (through print with many exclamation points!!!) that the world didn't know how many knitters were out there and that there was power in numbers.

Remember the old country adage: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Well! That's what I hope will happen now, and that this powerful number of knitters who represent a considerable buying power in the arts, travel to do our arts, publishing, advertising, etc., will make an effort to bring the programming folks at HGTV into the fold! Please write an email yourself, and spread the word to your favorite blogger, to your knitting group, to the local knit shop.

Will you join me?

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Anonymous said...

Bummer that Knitty Gritty isn't on HGTV anymore! But I found some of those videos here: DIY Crafts Videos