Friday, June 20, 2008

Out of Town for 4 Days ... Sock Machine Convention!

Monday - Thursday, June 22-26th:
I will be out of the studio for these four days next week, but Debbie will be handling the orders. When I get back, I will answer eMails and questions and solve any little issues.

We continue to have some problems with the Internet. Even after moving the site to a new server, there are still some problems. I believe that these are issues related to the first host re-installing the eCommerce program, which would have wiped out all the updates and changes we had made as we tweaked the program to suit me. Now ... that is certainly not an opinion of an educated computer genius and probably doesn't even make sense! I will say I've got two computer genius guys working on it, and I believe, I believe, I believe that they will find and fix all errors.

In the meantime, I am going to Indiana to the CSM convention: that's for owners of these antique circular sock machines. Oh, and I am ready for some playtime!

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Lavender said...

Oh! Lucky you! Have fun at the convention!