Saturday, June 14, 2008

UPDATE on Flats for Socks

What great response I have been receiving through eMails and on Ravelry posts about this new product, and it is fast becoming a new product. Happy to report that the trials are due next week, and I have been asked to make a quick decision of how many to have knit up because there just happens to be an opening block of time at the mill. So! By Wednesday, I will have placed the first stock order and we should be getting in Sock Flats next month.

I will tell you that I have decided to go with the upper end fibers, and the Sock Flats will be knit in Blue Faced Leicester. This will set them apart from the merino ones which are out on the market, and give my customers a little better quality fiber to work with.

Watch for the announcement of their arrival!
June 18, 2008: ...... UPDATE .......
Attaching a picture of two hats knit from this home-made flat from the SuperAran. Lovely stuff to work with, and have to say it is very soft as it flows through your fingers. The hats are lined up as they came off the flat. I just unravelled a bit and kit a bit, and then repeated until the flat was finished. As my dye patterns change, I am learning about the effects on the knitted fabric.

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