Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And the Winner is ...

... Kristen of Winston-Salem NC for renaming the yarn as Socks2Dye4. Kristen wins $100 of yarn of her choice from Wool2Dye4!

The very same name was also submitted within 24 hours of Kristen's entry, so I am deciding that we have a runner up in Amanda of New Hampshire. Congrats to Amanda, who wins $50 worth of yarn of her choice, also from Wool2Dye4.

That was so hard for me! But, it is done now, and we'll begin to make the changes everywhere .. including the banner of the website. The web designer is working on it now.

Thanks to all who wrote eMails and who encouraged me to make a decision.

Socks2Dye4 ... has a nice ring to it!

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