Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Name That Yarn ... Vote ...

Ok, Ok, I know that I was supposed to decide on a new name for the soon-to-be-renamed Wool2Dye4 SuperSock, and that the date of the decision has come and gone ... but, I just cannot decide. See, this is my signature sock (yes, that name has been taken!) and I want it to mean something, even relate to the name of the company. When I started the company, I also reserved other domain names, and have recently found that people actually use them! I've seen several references to Yarn2Dye4.com and SockWool.com when people were talking about Wool2Dye4.com. If you go to those websites, you'll actually wind up at Wool2Dye4.com.

This said, Opal uses SockWool or and there are German versions, too. But, Yarn2Dye4 would have the secondary benefit of the embedded address of my company's alternate name. There is a book out by that name, but I had reserved the domain name before the book's publication, so I think I am safe there.

So... here are the top contenders, which I put out there for public vote. I may or may not choose the one which receives the most votes, though! Hey! This decision must sit right, and roll off my Southern tongue, right? Here we go ...

Sock Wool2Dye4
Socks 2Dye4

Wool2Dye4, The Sock

Yarn 2 Dye 4

Sock-It Science

Snazzy Sox

Sox Addict


Anonymous said...


Of the choices, I like Sox Addict. For reference, I'm a CSM knitter, spinner and handknitter.

CozyStitches said...

I vote for Socks2Dye4