Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Holiday Sales for Website owners

I keep reading about the economy and forecasts of this year's holiday sales. One recent forecast has good news for website owners! The word is that a marketing survey firm reports that 80% of buyers surveyed do intend to do their holiday shopping this season on the Internet, and 50% of them intend to spend more than they spent last year.

  • Tips for making customers remember your site: Number 1 on the list?
    Make your site memorable!

  • Color of the site should be stylish, not garish!
    Photos or pictures artfully arranged.
    Avoid the boxy look.
    Don't make your site too personal, if your goal is to sell products!
    Use short, descriptive phrases to describe products ... not long paragraphs.
    State clearly all information about your product: price, size or weight, color, measurements, etc.
    State clearly the customers' shipping options.
    Make it easy for customers to buy what you have to sell!

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