Thursday, July 09, 2009

Canadian Kool Aid???

One of my fiber friends sent me this note in today's eMail ...

Ever since your kool aid dying program at the Stewartsville Library (3 years ago ?) I've asked my Canadian sister-in-law to please bring some creative Canadian kool aid colors back when she goes to visit her parents. She kept forgetting. I saw her this past weekend and she said - okay finally I remembered and she handed me 6 boxes of.....Jello.

My assumption is that Jello won't work because of the gelatin. Will they work?


Candice said...

doesn't jello have sugar in it? That's why it won't work. It will get sticky.

Sheila Wool2Dye4 said...

I wondered if the artificial sweeteners in the 'sugar free' version would also be sticky. BUT I am not the one who is going to find out with an experiment!