Friday, July 10, 2009

Web of Trust ... help rate Wool2Dye4?

Yesterday afternoon, we received a note from a potential customer who attached a negative rating from Web of Trust, an internet company which reports on the security of individual websites. They mistakenly gave our home page a bad review ... but high reviews for all other pages ... because of a parking page which our server uses. It's called Website Welcome, and it's a 'nothing page,' and is only there so people can have a secure checkout on their sites. There is a possibility that one customer somewhere could have been unhappy with the shopping cart for another company which is serviced by my server company. Who knows? As WebGuy #2 says, 'One bad apple ...'

Anyway, what I am hoping will happen is that if anyone is already using Web of Trust that they will give my two websites ( and a positive rating, to dispell that negative vibe going on.

We've got the security and backup and incripted credit card service and all that good stuff, and that one page of the site does not warrant a negative rating. So, if you see a warning notice from Web of Trust, please do take the time to rate us, and may I ask you to rate us positively?

My thanks to anyone who may see this and actually do this for me.

We've only received the one letter from one customer, but if it happened once to her, then it could happen as the popularity of security sites grows. Maybe it's time for us to get a dedicated server for the sites.

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Deborah said...

Dear Sheila,
At WOT, we appreciate it when site owners contact us about ratings. Your email, and now this blog posting asking your valued customers to rate your site based on their experiences, show your regular customers and new visitors to your site that you are serious about maintaining a high level of trustworthiness. The Web would be much safer if all site owners and administrators were so conscientious.

Please feel free to open a new thread on the WOT forum asking our regular users to visit and rate your site. Also, make sure that you add a comment to the Wool2Dye4 scorecard identifying yourself as the owner.

Working together, we can make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

Safe surfing,
Web of Trust