Saturday, February 19, 2011

Price Increase set for March 1st

Must say that I am impressed by the level of understanding reflected in customer letters about the upcoming price increase. It is the first time people have written insightful letters to me about the world economy, and how it relates to our small fiber businesses.

Now, the price's are only going up on the merino yarns and blends of cashmere, silk, nylon, alpaca, tencel, bamboo. Not on the BFL yarns.

The Bluefaced Leicester yarns are set, pricewise, for the next year. We have recently held a 10% discount sale on the new superwash BFL's and quite of few of our customers took us up on the opportunity to get to know these new yarns. The new yarns were developed in after the fire at the BFL warehouse in the U.K., back in October. That fire destroyed the entire stock of two of Wool2Dye4's BFL yarns, BFL Ultra! and BFL Aran (non-superwash). This, in addition to three tons of lovely BFL yarns which were the stock of my U.K. supplier. When he began to restock, he decided to revamp the BFL line and to respond to current trends in the market. So, we have a high twist sock weight (think of Sheila's Gold interpreted in Bluefaced Leicester), BFL Silky Lace, and a BFL/silk sock weight in addition to the DK and Aran weights in superwash.

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