Friday, April 15, 2011

Mr. Wool is Coming to Town

My wool broker, fondly known as Mr. Wool,has actually bought an airplane ticket and is flying in from England at the end of the month to work with me. We plan a whirlwind three full days and will make the most of the last morning, probably, on the drive to the airport. Over the mountain, and through the woods, talking wool all the way.

He comes over once each year and we find ways to fine tune our work, plan future releases, talk about market trends, the economy, etc. He brings samples and European knitting magazines for me to consider after the visit, and we remind ourselves, in person, tha we really work and think and plan very well together.

We may try to do a Chat or RoundTable on on my group, Friends of Wool2Dye4. Or come up with another idea to mark his visit with my mostly US market. (No offense, please, to my friends in Canada and Australia, who's numbers are certainly growing.) There will be an announcement closer to the end of the month of how we will celebrate his visit.

I am thinking that because Wool2Dye4 is his exclusive Bluefaced Leicester dealer in the States, that maybe it's time for a 3-day sale. While he's here, that would be a nice gesture, but watch for an announcement here, on the home page of the website, on the group, and also in the newsletter. Whew! May as well post it on FaceBook, right?

So exciting!!! Now, I have to spiffy up the new studio, and maybe even get those posters of rare sheep breeds finally laminated and hung! He sent them five years ago and they languishing in a cabinet. SSShhhh....

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