Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surprise shipment of yarn is just a week away!

Over and above the previously listed incoming yarns, there has been a welcome release of the last of my yarns held at the mill. So! The good news is that in just a week, a couple of the best sellers will be in stock again, and the wait for restocking is shortened.

Today or tomorrow, Cash Sock MCN arrives. No change there and orders where this is the only backorder will go out immediately. We are poised at the ready, and our new UPS and USPS men are just thrilled that Wool2Dye4 is on their route. Well, they seem happy, anyway. Wait until they start coming in after the big shipment arrive and the mountain of outgoing boxes is taller than they are. Am I gushing, here?

Here is the surprise yarn, due next week, probably before April 18th. It is now posted on the website, but anything currently out of stock and on this list will be shipped, of course, when it arrives. Hmmm. A better way to say this, is that if you place an order with any of these yarns on it, shipping will be delayed until the actual arrival here in the studio, around April 18th or earlier. Watch the Home Page of the website, on that little message which crawls across the top, for arrival date. Or, on Ravelry. You are on Ravelry.com, right? If not, please join and come find and join our group: Friends of Wool2Dye4. But, now onto the important and exciting stuff... the list!

Platinum Sock skeins
Sheila's Sock cones
Ultra Merino 3Ply cones and skeins
W2D4 Merino DK-SW cones and skeins
W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW cones and skeins

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