Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Future of our Falkland British Merino line

We have had a look at the stock of our Falkland British Merino yarns, and feel that there is about a six-month supply if our customers continue to pick it up at the same rate.  In the late spring, our U.K. supplier made nine lovely new yarns available to Wool2Dye4, all from a unique area of the world, the Falkland Islands.  The wool from animals who live their lives in one of the most extreme climates on the globe reflects a ruggedness that is unique to this particular yarn.  These sheep have to work really hard to manufacture that fiber, so when we source it and bring it to our customers, we know that the yarn is something special and all the more valuable for the limited supply of sheep in the British Falkland Islands. 

Here are our nine yarns, exclusive in the States to Wool2Dye4, straight from the sheep on the British Falkland Islands. 
Falkland 100% 4-Socking
Falkland 100% DK-SW
Falkland Bamboo Sock
Falkland Platinum Sock
Falkland / Silk Sock
Falkland / Silk DK
Falkland / Tencel Sock
Falkland / Tencel Select laceweight
Falkland/ Bamboo Select laceweight

If you have already knit with the Falkland yarns, then you know that they have a lovely hand, the twist is beautiful, and that they are all nine beautiful yarns.  Too, the white is startlingly white!  They don't have to be dyed, unlike most other fibers which may have a creamy or beige tone.  The Falkland British Merino yarns are beautiful in their natural state.

Would you like a sample?  In your next order, be sure to make a notation in the comments section requesting a set of samples of the lovely Falkland British Merino yarn line.

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