Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Winter Re-Stocking

Below are lists of our incoming stock lists for November and December.  Some of our winter popular yarns are shown in Red.   One new yarn will be introduced in each shipment -- Single & Stunning in November and Donegal Sock in December -- and those yarns are shown in Green. As usual, I will send out a newsletter when the shipment is about to arrive.  That is when we also send out private invocies for any yarns which have been reserved.  If you need to reserve any of the yarns in Red or Green, then please eMail me, at your earliest convenience:

Incoming stock:  expect it mid-November
(skeins unless otherwise noted)

Cash Sock MCN, skeins & cones
Sheila's Gold
Sheila's Sparkle
Crazy EightCash DK MCN
Single & Stunning *
W2D4 Merino DK-SW, skeins & cones
WD4 Merino Worsted-SW, skeins & cones
W2D4 Merino Worsted, skeins & cones

*Single & Stunning... NEW ... a superwash DK in Singles construction

Incoming Stock:  Expect it mid-December ...
 a little early to predict ...
(skeins unless otherwise noted)

Angel Select
Cash Aran MCN
Cash Sock MCN, skeins & cones
Crazy Eight, skeins & cones
Donegal Sock *
Platinum Sock
Sheila's Glitter
Sheila's Gold
Sheila's Sock, skeins & cones
Sheila's Sparkle
Silk DK 50/50
Silk Sock 50/50
Sparkle Select Laceweight
W2D4 Merino DK-SW, skeins & cones
W2D4 Merino Worsted

* Donegal Sock ... NEW ... 2-ply with flecks of dark NEP (nylon) sprinkled through in the tradition of Donegal Tweed fabric

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