Thursday, June 06, 2013

Two Promo Yarns Have Proved Themselves

From time to time we come across a yarn, one created in a special circumstance, which suits our lineup.  That is what has happened recently with two merino based yarns:  Silk-Merino 50/50 and DK-115

Silk-Merino 50/50, the non-superwash version of our popular fingering yarn. Silk Sock 50/50 turned out to be so delightful to knit that we had to have it.  There is no pilling, the yarn has a truly wonderful feel to it as it flows through the knitter's fingers, and it has been adopted in Europe by many lace and shawl knitters.  In fact, we actually received a shipment of this yarn, which was originally ordered by one of Britain's best known handdyers but shipped to Wool2Dye4 instead.  Our customer base is firmly rooted in the superwash camp, and we at first did not realize what a little gem Silk-Merino 50/50 is.  At this moment, I am close to finishing a two-skein shawl, knit with this yarn, and already have three skeins set aside to knit a summer tee. It is a fantastic yarn, and just fell across our path!

The other yarn which we've been featuring as a promotional yarn is DK-115, and it came to us in a slightly different manner.  This one was originally a custom order at the mill by a fairly well known American dyer; however, the yarn was not paid for and the mill sold it to our U.K. supplier to move it out of the warehouse.  It is a 100% superwash merino in DK weight, and there are two aspects which set it apart, ever so slightly, from the DK-SW we have offered as our best selling DK weight yarn for the past eight years.  The difference is that DK-115 is a slightly finer fiber than the superwash merino in our standard, W2D4 Merino DK-SW, and the skein weight is 15 grams heavier than our 100 gram skein. 

I really don't like playing around with skein weight.  We have learned from recent experiments with introducing an existing yarn in two different skein weights, that our customers are pretty savvy about industry standards. BUT this DK-115 is just special enough to break the rules a bit.  You can consider this as a luxury yarn, one suitable for yarn/pattern kits, special vending opportunities, etc.

Silk-Merino 50/50 and DK-115 will join the permanent lineup of Wool2Dye4 yarns this summer when supporting stock will arrive.  In the meantime, they are offered for sale under the Promotion category on the website.

Would you like a sample of either yarn?  Just eMail us at and request samples.
Merino/Silk Sock
This is the non-superwash version of our regular item Silk Sock 50/50.

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