Wednesday, June 12, 2013

W2D4 Merino DK-SW returns

We have just received verification that W2D4 Merino DK-SW will arrive in approximately ten days' time.  That will be around June 21st or so.  As we get closer, I will be able to predict with more accuracy and will post here, and on, also.  The best and most definitive information, though, is always the wholesale newsletter.

Reservations are still open in quantities with a minimum of five kilos of either skeins or cones.  This is a service for wholesale customers primarily, but retail customers who love this yarn are also welcome, of course. 

A reserve on a yarn is treated as a private order.  We create the private order and send the customer a copy by eMail; then we post it on the website.  It looks like any other product, except that the title is in code.  For instance, if I were receiving the private order today, the coded title would read 'ST...6.12.13' --- the initials of my name and the date the private order was created.  We post all private orders in a new category called, yes! Private Orders, and when the customer is ready to pick it up, they simply find the coded title matching the private order they received by eMail, click on the listing, and they can then add it to their shopping cart.

Minimum order requirements for wholesale customers, which is five kilos, still apply to all orders containing private listings.

To reserve, please eMail your request to

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