Friday, May 12, 2006

Changes and Re-organization in Sight

New computer! And actually works after a few tinkerings here and there. I am having the studio rearranged and a some new shelving installed, so everything is being moved around. It is fun to rearrange my 'stuff' and get organized again. The loom is sitting right in the traffic area just now, but this will soon change.

More changes are in store for the website as well. My webmaster is putting up the new yarns on the site: Kona Fingering, the three Blue Faced Leicesters (2-,3-, and 4-ply), and rovings in Australian 80's grade and the BFL roving, too. The Unpatterns will have their own page now.

The next move is to go to a completely e-commerce checkout, instead of PayPal. I have always wondered if the current use of PayPal has hindered the ordering process for the customer. One thing I don't especially like about it is that it takes the customer away from my website, and with e-commerce, checkout will be a part of the site and easier. Many people don't have a PayPal account, and even though it takes credit cards, it is a bit cumbersome.

The new system will allow me to track orders easily, offer a choice of shipping methods to the customer, create a history for each customer, too. The administration tools will give me reports and this will help me manage the growth better than I can currently manage it.

The Dye-O-Rama mamas sent me the first winner of a skein of yarn. As part of my sponsorship of Dye-O-Rama, I am gifting a skein of sock yarn each month to someone who's name is drawn. This month's winner is Karen Snyder of Charlottesville, Virginia. My hometown and one of my favorite places! Congratulations, Karen! Today I'll send her an 8-oz skein of the new Kona Fingering.

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