Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Wait for Wool2Dye4 SuperSock is over!

Whew! I just got the news that the sock yarn is 'on the truck' and on it's way to the mill warehouse. This stock situation has been a nightmare, really, with two yarn swaps going on just now. I have been offering each customer a substitution of the new Kona Fingering for the Wool2Dye4 SuperSock. Most have taken it, which was good for those who were on a schedule. Several customers have opted to wait -- patient souls, they! -- and I will be so glad to fill their orders.

I think I'll put a little gift into their package when I ship. One of my customers and I did a little trade of wool for her hand blown glass buttons. What beautiful work!

This morning someone wrote that they like the Wool2Dye4 SuperSock because it is so very similar to Koigu, and that's true. A couple of months ago, I saw a new shipment of Koigu in new colorways, and almost raced home to see if I could duplicate the effects. Evidently I was fairly successful because people ask me, 'Is that Koigu?' My answer is, 'No, it's Sheilado.'

I played around with a couple of methods, but this is the best way I found to duplicate that wonderful Koigu look. With my dampened skein spread out, I sprayed a weak acid dye solution over all, patting and turning so there was no real concentration of color and some white wool was visible. Then, with a flat pouncing brush, I flicked dry acid dye powder over the skein. Here I also turned the yarn over several times so there was good coverage. A spray of white vinegar and then into the steamer for 40 minutes, cool, rinse in tepid water and then in Eucalan, and a spin in a lingerie bag tossed into the washing machine (water taps off). Beautiful!

Using some of the blended colors (not primary or pure dye powder) can often yield interesting and unexpected results, and that is just what happened with the Seabreeze / turquoise I used. There were little flecks of blue, yellow, red and brown in the mix and since it was so lightly applied, the dry powder had a chance to explode into the dampness of it's little tiny area where it landed and show its true color.

Time flies by when I am working with color.


Melanie said...

Woo! The supersock is coming!

And I can't wait to try out your method for Sheilado. It's the whole reason I dabbled in dyeing in the first place. Naturally, I would be over the moon if you decided to do a photo essay of your method. ;o)

jenknits said...

Thank you so much for the additional explanation of the supersock. I, too am waiting and was really waffling about whether I should go with the Kona. Now I know that I will be happy I waited.

Also can't wait to try Sheilado.