Friday, May 19, 2006

The Studio is Almost Ready

At last the carpenter has left, my helper is not around -- I love her, but man! this teenager talks all day long! -- and I have some cleared out space in the studio. Weeks of remodelling, waiting, moving/sorting/discarding/organizing my 'stuff',' left me a little frazzled. Today all has been quiet and truly enjoyable.

Of course, I did have a visit from the satellite TV guy who charged me $75 to push one button on the remote control and get all the settings back to normal. My little helper, evidently, was searching for something other than my New Age background music on the satellite stations. There are just some things you don't think you have to teach people, and messing with the remote is one of them. Can you tell that I did not have children?

I am looking at a nice big bin that awaits the shipment of Wool2Dye4 SuperSock. It's empty now, but by Wednesday, it will be filled to overflowing with 100 pounds of my favorite sock yarn. The loom now has a place of its own with lots of room to move around it and from any angle. The dyeing area is organized. What? I think I hear it calling my name? Oh, yes! I miss getting lost in the smell of wet yarn, the excitement of swirling colors together in a mad experiment, the thrill of the moment when color hits fiber, even the wait is pure anticipation. But, the perfect moment is the great unveiling. That's just about the most fun a person could ask for.

Perhaps this weekend I will do a couple of skeins of the new Kona Fingering, and then next week will repeat my version of Koigu, the Sheila-do!

I've been thinking about writing to the magazine that published the Strong Heel one page article to see if they will allow me to write up my simplified version in my blog. My version has no engineering schematics, but is just plain talk about how to knit a no-flap heel. Once I got the hang of it (that would be Sock #2 of the first pair), I have never done the flap-and-pickup routine again. Next month I'm going to Carodan Farm's SoXperience and will take a class on the Turkish toe-up method, so the problem becomes how to work the No Flap Heel from the bottom up. Everytime I try to imagine it, my thought processes get fuzzy, so this tells me I need to pick up a pencil and grab a notebook the next time I devote some mental energy to the bottom-up No Flap Heel. The picture shows the heel, and on this one I did the little s-1, k1 for a heel stitch. The turned part is just short rows. The yarn is Wool2Dye4 SuperSock.

Actually, this heel has been around a long time, but Gerdine Strong wrote a beautiful explanation a couple of years ago. (can't recall the issue, but when I Google 'Strong Heel Sock' the magazine and issue date come up) It is so logical and it is really beautiful. Everytime I do it, I feel like I have completed a mini-engineering project! Last weekend I taught two women to do this flapless / continuous heel, and they are now converts, as well. If I can get permission from the magazine, I will post my version of the directions. I don't want to get into any copyright trouble with a magazine where I advertise. That's not very good form.

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