Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Look on the Website

This week there are some changes on the website, and there is one more to come. First, I'll tell you about the coming change which is to introduce a true e-commerce element to the payment mechanism of the site. This means that there will be a shopping cart, which can be updated as you make your decisions about which yarns you want. Payment will be made by credit card and shipping calculated by weight.

For the customer, it means that it will be easier to review your shopping card and to change your mind. Right now, customers are taken away from my website when it is time to pay, and as the business owner, I don't want you to be taken away from my site! Also, if you are not a PayPal member you will not be forced to sign up just to buy my yarn. PayPal will still be available for those who choose to use it.

From my end, things will be simplified considerably and I will be able to generate reports to help me run my business better. So! Easier for you and easier for me! Sounds like an act of efficiency to me.

But, I was going to tell you about the current changes on the site. There are now pages for my newest BLUE FACED LEICESTER yarns and for KAREN ALFKE's UNPATTERNS. Now, you can click a couple of places on the HOME page to get to a page where you will see the sock yarns, which are very popular, as well as the BLUE FACED LEICESTER.

In an earlier blog post I listed the yarns which are being discontinued: Big Ben, Cuddles, Newport, Noko Bonjour, Silk & Ivory (new name 'Carrera'), Toaga, and Twirly. These yarns have been moved to the SPECIALS page, and I still have stock of all except the Silk & Ivory/Carrera. That one is sold out, but is always available by special order.

In late summer, two new Blue Faced Leicester yarns will be posted -- a true bulky yarn in this soft, luxurious yarn and a new sock yarn! Just to tantalize you sock knitters a bit, I'll give you a preview. The new Blue Faced Leicester Sock Yarn is a three-ply in superwash BFL. I expect lots of interest in this one and can't wait for the shipment to come in. BUT I get ahead of myself. This yarn is an exclusive for Wool2Dye4 and is being milled and spun for exclusive distribution in the

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