Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Yarn is Here Early!

Today the shipment of the As-Yet-Unnamed-Blue-Faced-Leicester yarn arrived! My first impression was 'soft!' and my second impression was 'there's a lot of yarn here!' (That's what makes my little business fun.)

It is a three ply in superwash, and the Blue Faced Leicester wool makes it so soft, but the twist of the plies also adds to the airy, light look. This is a lightly twisted yarn and I think it will knit up beautifully. I will be doing a few experiments on it in the next two days.

It comes in cones of a little more than one pound (half-kilo cones), with 2,000 yards prox. to the pound. Actually, there is a little more. Using two counting methods, I measured out five skeins of 400 yards, and there were about 70 yards left over, but I am going to advertise it as 2,000 yards per pound to be safe.

Cost: $45 per cone.
Soon it will be skeined into 8 oz (1,000 yard) skeins ... but not yet.

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