Friday, November 16, 2007

Australian YARN magazine to close

I was sorry to read that YARN magazine, the Australian magazine for knitting and more, is going to cease publication very shortly. What a wonderful magazine this is, and what a shame that we will not have this record of the exuberant Australian fiber artists scampering across the pages of this quarterly magazine. They always seem so full of spirit and energy, and I looked forward to pictures of the gatherings and wacky promotional ideas. One, for instance, was themed on knitting beanies and there were just hundreds of beanies from all over the countryside. Articles on how Australian knitters are frustrated with their yarn choices, too, gave insight into the the worldwide wool market, and they always seem like such hospitable hosts to the authors and teachers who travelled there for workshop presentations. The pictures were of rooms teaming with knitters of both sexes, all ages. She truly did a wonderful job of celebrating her country's knitters.

Owner and editor Barbara Coddington has offered the publication for sale, but, as she says in her letter included in the November issue, no buyer has been willing to take on the project. This is a true loss to magazine publishing in the fiber arts market. Barbara grew her magazine into a glossy publication with thoughtful articles by her Australian colleagues, well known authors and teachers in the field, and with the marketing support of major yarn manufacturers serving that part of the world. What an accomplishment! Congratulations on a wonderful job, and thank you, Barbara, for your committment.

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