Monday, November 12, 2007

Knit Lit and Fiber Fables

Recently two friends have suggested some new reading for me, and I want to pass them on with my recommendations. Both are novels which are set at fiber festivals! Both feature a murder, a fiber fanatic unravels the mystery, and both conveniently have boyfriends who are policemen! Both are a good read.
Mary Kruger's Knit Fast, Die Young, a Knitting Mystery is good reading and subtly introduces knitting info as background information. This one was lent me to and I see on the cover that there was a previous one, also featuring the same wool shop owner as sleuth, called Died in the Wool.
The other one is by Susan Wittig Albert, called Indigo Dying. This is one of several mysteries which feature a plant in the title, as the main character is an herb shop owner who, conveniently, also holds a law degree. Yes, her boyfriend is also a law enforcement officer. Good storyline with an interesting mystery. For some reason, the info included about dyeing seemed almost to sound like a research paper, not very conversational or introduced occasionally. But, this will not stop me from reading this author's other books.
Other titles come to mind: Debbie Macomber's Shop of Blossom Street and followup novel, A Good Yarn. Of course there is Monica Ferris and her series of the needlework/yarn shop owner sleuth who's love interest is, yes, a policeman.
I am sure that not all fiber related mysteries have a lawman in the background waiting to rescue the delicate fiber artist from her musings and adventures. Lots of the female sleuths, actually, have a strong male lawman as a love interest whether they run a yarn shop, a cookie shop, or herb shop.
Fun reading, all.

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Barbara said...

Don't forget Maggie Sefton and her mystery books featuring fiber and knitting content - very good books and the fibery content is great.