Friday, November 16, 2007

Overdue Introduction to Chrissy, my Assistant

I am ashamed to be late in introducing a new permanent member of the Wool2Dye4 studio, Chrissy, who has been working for at least a month. She eased herself into the workings around here so easily that it seems that she has always been working with me. Oh, no! I do remember the search. It took more than six months to find the right person, no joke.
Chrissy is the right person, for sure, and has taken over the job of putting together the new websites. I know, I know I've been promising new websites forever. Now, with Chrissy at the keyboard, we are making real progress and are ahead of the webmaster and waiting for the next assignment so we can be up and running in the new format soon. She has a way of just doing what needs to be done, and I truly appreciate some extra time I can spend on implementing a portion of my new business plan.
Just yesterday I wrote to a new customer about planning and how important it is especially to the new business owner. Opening an internet business is relatively easy, compared to opening a bricks-and-mortar store, and sometimes because it seems easy, we skip over some of the basic, old-fashioned planning.
Chrissy has taken over much of the responsibility for the daily business at hand, allowing me to work with the manufacturers and develop new yarns, work on budget and pricing guidelines, refine the wholesale marketing strategy, implement a new advertising campaign. I like to get down to the basics sometimes and work from the most simple operation to the most complex, looking at each step to see how it can be improved, how my message can better be projected, how to achieve my business goals. I have always said that the first purpose of having a successful business should be to improve the quality of the owner's life. Having the right people work with you is one of the keys to creating a successful business.
So, I welcome Chrissy to Wool2Dye4. Even though it is a late introduction, it is absolutely heartfelt!

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Carol said...

Chrissy did a fine job with my last order! I look forward to ordering more...especially when that BFL Ultra comes in on cones.