Thursday, November 29, 2007

Introducing... New Formulation of Wool2Dye4 SuperSock

I just received notice that the new Wool2Dye4 SuperSock has passed through customs, and should be in the studio by Dec. 7th. This is an entirely new formulation of our signature sock yarn, and I think it will be well received.
It is so hard to decide on a yarn which bears the name of my company and to count on each shipment to be the very same as the previous one. We had some problems with the former yarn; sometimes it came in with such a tight twist that it took lots of work to ease it into a workable sock yarn. I remember one morning when I was browsing the Internet blogs to see what nice things people had written about Wool2Dye4 lately. There was my former signature sock yarn pictured in a spaghetti bowl! The caption said something like 'this is Wool2Dye4 spaghetti yarn.' Everything stood still for a brief second in life as the shock sank in! Horrible, horrible feeling.
This yarn, though, is not ever going to appear in anyone's spaghetti dish, unless they are doing some sort of interesting knitted food art. (Actually, that sounds like a neat idea!)
Wool2Dye4 SuperSock has a new look, feel and act. This is a fingering yarn with spring and bounce to it, a yarn which feels lively when it passes through your fingers. The three plies make for a nice and round yarn, so important for pattern work and the details of cables. The new formulation takes dye evenly and beautifully, too. Here are the details:
New Wool2Dye4 SuperSock ... 3-Ply superwash merino, 2,175 yds/lb prox. Put up: 8 oz skeins of 1,085 yds prox. Cost $18/skein.

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